Laboratory for Heritage Science

Heritage science is a relatively new term for the complex research on our cultural and natural heritage, encompassing heritage management, analysis, conservation, interpretation and documentation. In addition to archaeology, museology, art history, anthropology and palaeontology, methods coming from natural science and sensitive analytical procedures play a major role in the new discipline. Atomki has several decades of traditions in this type of research.


The Laboratory for Heritage Science has been founded to promote research in the field of cultural and natural heritage, in collaboration with national and international partners. Information on the structure and material composition of objects over a wide range of sizes is obtained through various means that allow material examination at the microscopic level.


The infrastructure belonging to the laboratory consists of ion beam analytical measurement set-ups installed at the Tandetron accelerator on the one hand, and analytical-imaging equipment (e.g. 3D digital microscope, micro-XRF, electron microscope - Raman microscope configuration) on the other hand.


The establishment of the laboratory is largely due to a GINOP tender, more information on which can be found here: HSLab


PIXE vizsgálat alatt a Dunavecse határában előkerült díszes karpánt (Magyar Nemzeti Múzeum)