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Simplifications for radiocarbon measurements

Szeminárium Simplifications for radiocarbon measurements

Martin Seiler

Laboratory of Ion Physics, ETHZ (Zürich)
Kapcsolattartó Dr. Molnár Mihály
Időpont 2015-02-12 11:00
Helyszín Debrecen, Bem tér 18/c XII. épület 3. emelet
Esemény leírása

Lowering the ion energy in AMS systems allows a size reduction for these systems. For radiocarbon a system that operates at an ion energy of 45 keV was built at ETH. This energy can be provided by the cesium sputtering ion source and allows an instrument that doesn't need a further acceleration stage in the spectrometer. The low energy lead to challenges for the beam transport through the system which limits the overall measurement efficiency. The performance of the prototype system is shown and physical limitation of the system is explained. The reduced effort for radiocarbon measurements provided by such an instrument allow applications in new research fields. To support these applications a new gas feeding system was developed that allows a high sample throughput and also the measurement of very small samples.

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