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Beam-Fusion-Triggered Transmutator

Szeminárium Beam-Fusion-Triggered Transmutator

Joshua Edward Tanner

IPN, Orsay
Kapcsolattartó Dr. Fülöp Zsolt
Időpont 2019-07-25 11:00
Helyszín MTA Atomki, tanácsterem (Debrecen, Bem tér 18/c, I. épület alagsora)
Esemény leírása

Overview of proposed transmutator driven by fusion neutrons (at 14.1 MeV) in a solution of molten salt (FLiBe/FLiNaK). With a further focus on neutronics simulation, a review of the state of nuclear waste policy, and the need to develop waste management technologies (toilet science). The proposed transmutator takes a novel approach to transmutation by utilizing laser wakefield driven ion acceleration through the CAIL (coherent acceleration of ions with lasers) process to trigger fusion as a compact neutron source, and have transmutation take place in an activly monitored and controlled minor actinide carrying molten salt medium (FLiBe). Additionally some basics of nuclear simulation through transport and depletion and current linkage code development and future directions with an emphasis on AI optimization will be covered.