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Quantum interference in collisions physics : non-perturbative approach

Szeminárium Quantum interference in collisions physics : non-perturbative approach


Department of Physics and Technology, University of Bergen (Norway)
Időpont 2015-11-18 11:00
Helyszín MTA Atomki, tanácsterem (Debrecen, Bem tér 18/c, I. épület alagsora)
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Electronic processes occurring during collisions between ions and molecular targets can display various spectacular phenomena strongly related to the quantum nature of the dynamics of the systems under consideration. In the seminar, I will present and discuss results concerning quantum interference which can be observed for electron transfer and electron emission at respectively intermediate (keV.u-1) and high (MeV.u-1) impact energies. In both cases these effects have been observed experimentally as oscillatory structures in fully differential cross sections (DCS) which are the physical quantities giving access to all information concerning the scattering systems at the most fundamental level. I will present results for H+ -H2+ and H+ +Rb2+ collisions, stemming from a semi-classical non-perturbative approach. The observed oscillatory patterns in DCS will be discussed in terms of Young-type interference and high-order interference phenomena.

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