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In the frame of interdisciplinary workshop, in accordance with the traveling physics, the topic of the actual term was discussed at scientific level at the four one-day workshops:

  • 2013. spring: Water
    (as this was the international year of water cooperation),
  • 2013. autumn: Protection systems of the Earth
    (100th anniversary of the discovery of the ozone layer),
  • 2014. spring: Cold - warm
    (300 years ago Fahrenheit created the mercury thermometer),
  • 2014. autumn: Energy
    (300 years ago Leibniz declared the principle of the conservation of energy).

The research activities of Atomki were presented not by our researchers but by our partners from other research institutes and from the industry via the ongoing collaborations. The audience came from various fields of interest and profession, in this way the event was really interdisciplinary. The lectures were understandable and the atmosphere was great.

The afternoon visits and short measurements in the laboratories of Atomki gave the audience an opportunity to look deeper into the work here. The aim of the workshops was to attract further partners and cooperations into the Atomki.


Interdisciplinary workshop 1

Term 2013. spring
Topic Water
Reason 2013 was the international year of water cooperation
Date 2013-05-17
Program pdf (in Hungarian)
  • Dr. Molnár Mihály (MTA Atomki, Hertelendi Laboratory of Environmental Studies)
    Time locked in water – groundwater dating using radiocarbon / abstract / presentation (in Hungarian)
  • Dr. Palcsu László (MTA Atomki, Hertelendi Laboratory of Environmental Studies)
    Old and young groundwater in granite around Mórágy (Hungary) / abstract / presentation (in Hungarian)
  • Mádlné Dr. Szőnyi Judit (Eötvös Loránd University, Department of Physical and Applied Geology)
    Biocorrosion in thermal water wells / abstract / presentation (in Hungarian)
  • Dr. Szűcs Péter (University of Miskolc, Department of Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology)
    Regional improving potentials based on groundwater investigations, project KÚTFŐ / abstract / presentation (in Hungarian)
  • Dr. Deák József (Geophysicist, hydrogeologist, manager, GWIS Ltd. /Ground Water Isotope Studies)
    Investigations of groundwater origin and supply in the Hungarian Plain based on water dating / abstract / presentation (in Hungarian)

Interdisciplinary workshop 2

Term 2013. autumn
Topic Protection systems of the Earth
Reason 100th anniversary of the discovery of the ozone layer
Date 2013-10-30 /day 3 of the Hungarian Aerosol Conference
Program pdf (in Hungarian)
  • Dr. Varga György (MTA Research Centre for Astonomy and Earth Sciences, Geographical Institute)
    Importance of dust storms and falling dust sedimentation in soil formation / abstract / presentation (in Hungarian)
  • Dr. Ferenczi Zita (Hungarian Meteorological Service)
    Investigation of long range transport of aerosol particles based on model calculations / abstract / presentation (in Hungarian)
  • D. Filep Ágnes (MTA-SZTE Research Group on Photoacoustic Spectroscopy)
    Source identification of carbonasceous particles based on their optical properties and size / abstract / presentation (in Hungarian)
  • Dr. Molnár Ágnes (MTA-PE Air Chemistry Research Group)
    Characterization of aerosol particles in rural background atmosphere / abstract / presentation (in Hungarian)

Interdisciplinary workshop 3

Term 2014. spring
Topic Cold - warm
Reason 300 years ago Fahrenheit created the mercury thermometer
Date 2014-05-15
Program pdf (in Hungarian)
  • Dr. Mészáros Sándor (MTA Atomki, Section of Electron Spectroscopy and Materials Science)
    From air liquification to space telescopes / abstract / presentation (in Hungarian)

  • Sári Zsolt (Linde Gas Hungary Co. Cltd.)
    The coldest places on the Earth – liquified gases and their applications / abstract / presentation (in Hungarian)

  • Prof. Dr. Kaptay György (Bay Zoltan Nonprofit Ltd., Department of Nanomaterials / University of Miskolc, Department of Nanotechnology)
    The hottest workplaces – steel furnaces and foundries / abstract / presentation (in Hungarian)

  • Prof. Dr. Harangi Szabolcs (MTA-ELTE Volcanology Research Group / ELTE Department of Petrology and Geochemistry)
    The last volcanic eruptions in the Carpathian-Pannonian Region / abstract (in Hungarian)

  • Prof. Dr. Sümegi Pál (University of Szeged, Department of Geology and Paleontology)
    Did the mammoths feel cold in the Carpathian Basin during summer seasons of the Ice Age? / abstract / presentation (in Hungarian)

  • Dr. Magyari Enikő (MTA-MTM-ELTE Research Group for Paleontology)
    Climate change revealed by pollen analysis: cold-warm fluctuations during the Ice Age / abstract / presentation (in Hungarian)

Interdisciplinary workshop 4

Term 2014. autumn
Topic Energy
Reason 300 years ago Leibniz declared the principle of the conservation of energy
Date 2014-10-02
Program pdf (in Hungarian)
  • Prof. Dr. Vajda István (University of Obuda, Kandó Kálmán Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Institute of Automation)
    Production and conservation – Advanced energy storage / abstract / presentation (in Hungarian)

  • Dr. Légrády Dávid (Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Institute of Nuclear Techniques)
    Nuclear reactors and photography – How can we see through metals? / abstract / presentation (in Hungarian)

  • Dr. Pintér Tamás (MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant)
    What to do with the byproducts of a nuclear reactor? – Liquid radioactive waste / abstract / presentation (in Hungarian)

  • Dr. Szanyi János (University of Szeged, Faculty of Science and Informatics, Department of Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Petrology)
    Steam locomotive underground – Geothermal energy / abstract / presentation (in Hungarian)

  • Dr. Lábadi Zoltán (MTA Research Centre for Natural Sciences, Institute of Technical Physics and Materials Science)
    Face toward the sun – Thin film solar cells and smart windows / abstract / presentation (in Hungarian)

  • Csákberényi-Nagy Gergely (Alter Energia Ltd., Renewable Energy Park)
    Sustainable future? – Renewable Energy Park in Debrecen / abstract / presentation (in Hungarian)