ESA-22 electronspectrometer

Category Measuring system
Type ESA-22 3D
Organizational unit
Person in charge
Üzembentartó Atomki
Application Research
Value high value
Level of mobility Mobilizable
Research topics

The ESA-22 high energy resolution electronspectrometer consists of a spherical and cylindrical mirror analyzer. It is capable to measure the angular distribution of the energetically analyzed electrons ejected from the target in the ±15o and ±165o angular region.


The ESA-22 electrostatic electron analyzer consists of a spherical mirror analyzer (SMA) and a cylindrical mirror analyzer (CMA). The SMA focuses the electrons from the scattering plane to the entrance slit of the CMA performing the energy analysis of the electrons. It has ring-ring focusing electrode system. The CMA is characterized by second order focusing property. For the detection of electrons either position sensitive detector (PSD) or 24-channel electron multipliers (CEMs) can be used. The system is capable of measuring the angular distribution of electrons simultaneously in the polar angular range of ±15o and ±165o relative to the beam direction at a certain energy.