Physics and chemistry of converter targets

Seminar Physics and chemistry of converter targets

Prof. Susanta Lahiri

Diamond Harbour Women’s University, India
Time 2023-05-16 11:00
Place Atomki, nagyelőadó (Debrecen, Bem tér 18/c, XII. épület 3. emelet)
Description of event

Professor Susanta Lahiri, a co-creator of element Z=117 Tennessine, received the Hevesy Medal Award in 2015 for his outstanding contributions to heavy ion induced radioisotope production, tracer packet technique, converter targets and green chemistry.


Converter targets (CT) are high Z target materials, like liquid Hg, Pb-Bi eutectic1 (LBE), Pb-Li eutectic (LLE) and also the high Z refractory2 elements like Ta or W. The converter targets can be large source of clinically important non-conventional radioisotopes. To this end, for the first time we have identified the residual nucleus arising from the interaction of 1.4 GeV proton beam with LBE targets. Attempt has been made to understand the underlying reaction mechanism by analysing the residual nucleus. Radiochemical methods to isolate the no-carrier-added radionuclides have been developed.


1 An eutectic mixture is a homogeneous mixture that has a melting point lower than those of the constituents.

2 In planetary science, any material that has a relatively high equilibrium condensation temperature is called refractory.

Other information

Tea and cookies are served before the seminar at 10:30.