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First detection of gravitational waves

Seminar First detection of gravitational waves

FREI Zsolt

Institute of Physics, ELTE TTK
Contact person Dr. Zsolt Fülöp
Time 2016-02-25 11:00
Place MTA Atomki, lecture hall (Debrecen, Bem sq. 18/c, XII. bdg.)
Description of event

I will talk about the history of the LIGO project, present the discovery, and review the Hungarian contribution to collaboration.

The Eötvös Gravity Research Group (EGRG), which is thecooperation of Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest and Atomki in Debrecen, and has been a member of the LSC since 2007. The Group contributes to all the activity range of LSC: assisted the reduction of noise level of the LIGO detectors via constructing dedicated equipments; the group members take shift- and alarm surveillance during periods of data collection for the LIGO detectors at the detector stations and also remotely; we maximize the effectivity of detection and evaluation of gravitational waves with our work on source modeling, and the development of the signal searching codes. The EGRG created the catalogue of galaxies used by LSC to identify source galaxies of the detected signals (including those of 14 September 2015). Members of the EGRG help to find optimal location for future detectors (such as LIGO detector scheduled to be built in India). The Hungarian-language website of LSC was created and is maintained by EGRG.

Other information

Tea and cookies from 10:30. All are welcome.