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VII. Petrological and Geochemical Assembly

Esemény megnevezése VII. Petrological and Geochemical Assembly
Time 22/09/2016 - 2016-09-24 16:00
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Place MTA Atomki, nagyelőadó (Debrecen, Bem tér 18/c, XII. épület 3. emelet)
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The Petrological and Geochemical Assembly is the leading Hungarian conference for geologists interested in magmatic, metamorphic and sedimentary petrology and geochemistry. The Assembly is organized annually under the supervision of the Hungarian Geological Society. The main aim of the meeting is to create a forum for young scientists where they can demonstrate their results for their more experienced colleagues. The meeting is an excellent opportunity for scientists and research groups with various specialization fields to establish collaborations or friendships. The specific intention of the conference organized this year in Debrecen is to show up the scientific activity and the analytical methods available in the Institute for Nuclear Physics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Debrecen, Hungary).