Institute for Nuclear Research
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Habilitation lectures of Csige Lóránt

Seminar Habilitation lectures of Csige Lóránt

CSIGE Lóránt

MTA Atomki
Time 2015-12-14 11:30
Place MTA Atomki, nagyelőadó (Debrecen, Bem tér 18/c, XII. épület 3. emelet)
Description of event

Lecure in English:

High resolution spectroscopy of exotic nuclear states of the actinides

Lecture in Hungarian:

Fotohasadás vizsgálata az ELI-NP gamma-nyalábjával (Investigation of photofission with the gamma-beam of ELI-NP)

Other information

The lecures are presented and the discussions are made in the frame of an open session, the decision is made by the Scientific Board of Atomki in a closed session.