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 Basalt2017 Pre-conference fieldtrip: Rift-flank volcanism in the Krusné hory/Erzgebirge Mts. area.

Authors Rapprich V.,  Suhr P.,  Magna T.,  Pécskay Z.
Megjelenés helye Basalt 2017. Kadan, Czech Republic, 18-22 Sept., 2017. Abstracts and Excursion Guides. Eds: Magna, T. et al. Czech Geological Society, Czech Geological Survey 0 (2017) 63
Character Scientific paper, proceedings
Topics Earth, Cosmic and Environm. Res.


 Geochemical characteristics and petrogenesis of phonolites and trachytic rocks from the Ceské Stredohori Volcanic Complex, the Ohre Rift, Bohemian Massif.

Authors Ackerman L.,  Ulrych J.,  Randa Z.,  Erban V.,  Hegner E.,  Magna T.,  Balogh K.,  Frána J.,  Lang M.,  Novák J.
Megjelenés helye SCI Lithos 224 (2015) 256
Impact factor 3.7232015
Character Scientific paper, proceedings
Topics Earth, Cosmic and Environm. Res.


 Alkaline and carbonate-rich melt metasomatism and melting of subcontinental lithospheric mantle: Evidence from mantle xenoliths, NE Bavaria, Bohemian Massif.

Authors Ackerman L.,  Spacek P.,  Magna T.,  Ulrych J.,  Svojtka M.,  Hegner E.,  Balogh K.
Megjelenés helye Journal of Petrology 54 (2013) 2597
Impact factor 4.4852013
Character Scientific paper, proceedings
Topics Earth, Cosmic and Environm. Res.
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