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 Demostration of Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen steering using single-photon path entanglement and displacement-based detection.

Authors Guerreiro T.,  Monteiro F.,  Martin A.,  BraskJ. B.,  Vértesi T.,  Korzh B.,  Caloz M.,  Bussieres F.,  Verma V. B.,  Lita A. E.,  Mirin R. P.,  Nam S. W.,  Marsilli F.,  Shaw M. D.,  Gisin N.,  Brunner N.,  Zbinden H.,  Thew R. T.
Megjelenés helye Physical Review Letters 117 (2016) 404
Impact factor 8.4622016
Character Scientific paper, proceedings
Topics Particle Physics and Miscell.


 Nonlocal multipartite correlations from local marginal probabilities.

Authors Würflinger L. E.,  Bancal J. -D.,  Acín A.,  Gisin N.,  Vértesi T.
Megjelenés helye SCI Physical Review A 86 (2012) 2117
Impact factor 3.0422012
Character Scientific paper, proceedings
Topics Particle Physics and Miscell.

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