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 Translationally invariant multipartite Bell inequalities involving only two-body correlatiors.

Authors Tura J.,  Sainz A. B.,  Vértesi T.,  Acín A.,  Lewenstein M.,  Augusiak R.
Megjelenés helye Journal of Physics A 47 (2014) 4024
Impact factor 1.5832014
Character Scientific paper, proceedings
Topics Particle Physics and Miscell.


 Detecting nonlocality in many-body quantum states.

Authors Tura J.,  Augusiak R.,  Sainz A. B.,  Vértesi T.,  Lewenstein M.,  Acín A.,  Shipman M.
Megjelenés helye SCI Science 344 (2014) 1256
Impact factor 33.6112014
Character Scientific paper, proceedings
Topics Particle Physics and Miscell.
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