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 New data concerning the inframiocenic "Bisciaro Volcaniclastic Event" (Umbro-Marche Apennines) and comparison with similar occurences.

Authors Balogh K.,  Delle Rose M.,  Guerrera F.,  Ravasz-Baranyai L.,  Veneri F.
Megjelenés helye Giornale di Geologia 55 (1993) 83
Character Scientific paper, proceedings
Topics Earth, Cosmic and Environm. Res.
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 Stratigraphic and volcaniclastic events in the Vicchio Marl Formation (Tuscan Nappe) along the Montefatucchio Section (Northern Apennines, Italy) (IUGS-Subcomm. on Geochronol., Miocene Columbus Project. Abstr. and field trips. pp.18-20).

Authors Balogh K.,  Delle Rose M.,  Guerrera F.,  Motetti E.,  Ravasz-Baranyai L.,  Serrano F.,  Rusciadelli G.,  Veneri F.,  Viczian I.
Megjelenés helye Interdisciplinary Workshop "Miocene Columbus Project (MICOP)" - International Union of Geological Sciences- Subcommission on Geochronology. Ancona, Italy, 11-15 Nov., 1992. 0 (1992) 0
Character Conf. abstract, poster, talk
Topics Earth, Cosmic and Environm. Res.

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