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 Investigation of Ta grain boundary diffusion in copper by measns of Auger electron spectroscopy.

Authors Erdélyi G.,  Langer G. A.,  Nyéki J.,  Kövér L.,  Tomastik C.,  Werner W. S. M.,  Csik A.,  Stoeri H.,  Beke D. L.
Megjelenés helye SCI Thin Solid Films 459 (2004) 303
Impact factor 1.6472004
Character Scientific paper, proceedings
Topics Materials Science and Analytics
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 Investigation of Ta grain boundary diffusion in copper by means of Auger electron spectrocopy (Abstr.: p. 219).

Authors Langer G. A.,  Erdélyi G.,  Kövér L.,  Tomastik C.,  Werner W. S. M.,  Störi H.,  Nyéki J.,  Beke D. L.
Megjelenés helye 8th European Vacuum Congress. EVC 8. Berlin, Germany, 23-26 June, 2003 0 (2003) 0
Character Conf. abstract, poster, talk
Topics Developm. of Instr. and Methods
Materials Science and Analytics

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