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 Neogene magnetism and metallogeny in the Oas-Gutai-Tibles Mts.; A new approach based on radiometric datings.

Authors Barter W.,  Kovács M.,  Edelstein O.,  Gábor M.,  Bonhomme M.,  Pécskay Z.
Megjelenés helye Romanian Journal of Mineral Deposits 78 (1997) 35
Character Scientific paper, proceedings
Topics Earth, Cosmic and Environm. Res.
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 Neogene magmatism and metallogeny in the Oas-Gutai-Tibles Mts.: A new approach based on the radiometric datings.

Authors Kovacs M.,  Edelstein O.,  Bonhomme M.,  Pécskay Z.,  Gábor M.
Megjelenés helye Plate Tectonic Aspects of Alpine Metallogeny in the Carpatho-Balkan Region. Baia Mare, Romania. 13-14 June,1994. 0 (1994) 0
Character Conf. abstract, poster, talk
Topics Earth, Cosmic and Environm. Res.

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