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 Source apportionment of carbonaceous chemical species to fossil fuel combustion, biomass burning and biogenic emissions by a coupled radiocarbon-levoglucosan marker method.

Authors Salma I.,  Németh Z.,  Weidinger T.,  Maenhaut W.,  Claeys M.,  Molnár M.,  Major I.,  Ajtai T.,  Utry N.,  Bozóki Z.
Megjelenés helye Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 17 (2017) 13767
Character Scientific paper, proceedings
Topics Earth, Cosmic and Environm. Res.


 Correlations between absorption Angström exponent (AAE) of wintertime ambient urban aerosol and its physical and chemical properties.

Authors Utry N.,  Ajtai T.,  Filep Á.,  Pintér M.,  Török Zs.,  Bozóki Z.,  Szabó G.
Megjelenés helye SCI Atmospheric Environment 91 (2014) 52
Impact factor 3.2812014
Character Scientific paper, proceedings
Topics Earth, Cosmic and Environm. Res.
Materials Science and Analytics

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