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 Wear of different material pairings for the cylinder liner - piston ring contact.

Authors Wopelka T.,  Cihak-Bayr U.,  Lenauer C.,  Ditrói F.,  Takács S.,  Sequard-Base J.,  Jech M.
Megjelenés helye Industrial Lubrication and Tribology 70 (2018) 687
Character Scientific paper, proceedings
Topics Developm. of Instr. and Methods
Materials Science and Analytics


 Investigation of wear process by using radioactive tracers (Book of Abstr.: P145).

Authors Ditrói F.,  Takács S.,  Wopelka T.,  Jech M.,  Lenauer C.
Megjelenés helye 20th International Conference on Wear of Materials. Toronto, Canada, 12-16 April, 2015 0 (2015) 0
Character Conf. abstract, poster, talk
Topics Nuclear Physics
Developm. of Instr. and Methods
Materials Science and Analytics

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