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Algorithmic Construction of Local Hidden Variable Models for Entangled Quantum States


Phys Rev. Lett., Volume: 117, Article number: 190402

Flavien Hirsch, Marco Túlio Quintino, Tamás Vértesi, Matthew F. Pusey, and Nicolas Brunner


Constructing local hidden variable (LHV) and local hidden state (LHS) models for entangled quantum states is a challenging problem, with implications for the foundations of quantum theory and for quantum information processing. Here we presented a simple method for building LHV and LHS models, applicable to any entangled state and considering continuous sets of measurements (a schematic view of the onion structure of such sets are shown in the figure). This leads to a sequence of tests which, in the limit, fully captures the set of quantum states admitting a LHV and a LHS model. We illustrated the practical relevance of these methods with several examples.

Kapcsolodó publikáció
Algorithmic construction of local hidden variable models for entangled quantum states.
Kutatási téma
Exactly solvable problems in quantum mechanics