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Algorithmic Construction of Local Hidden Variable Models for Entangled Quantum States

Időszak 2016/10
Kutatási téma Exactly solvable problems in quantum mechanics

Radiocarbon signal of a low and intermediate level radioactive waste disposal facility in nearby trees.

Időszak 2016/8
Kutatási téma Radiocarbon dating and environmental research

Designing the color of hot-dip galvanized steel sheet through destructive light interference using a Zn-Ti liquid metallic bath

Időszak 2016/7
Kutatási téma Physics of thin films and surface/interface layers

Activation cross sections of proton induced nuclear reactions on gold up to 65 MeV

Időszak 2016/6
Kutatási téma The measurement of nuclear data

Bounding the persistency of the nonlocality of W states

Időszak 2016/5
Kutatási téma Quantum correlations

EPR steering inequalities with communication assistance

Időszak 2016/4
Kutatási téma Quantum correlations